The APP (African Partner Pool) is a premier, fully-fledged service of Invest in Africa (IIA) and aims to connect small businesses directly with large companies in the Kenya and make it easier for them to do business in a transparent way.
We know that finding opportunities to do business with large companies is a challenge. Through our APP platform’s Tendaspace service, you will be able to directly connect with many buying companies who are procuring for various goods and services.

To help you engage with fellow business people who are registered suppliers of APP, we have the vibrant and private BiasharaNetwork which provides an online networking platform where suppliers can discover each other, network (via instant messaging chats, Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and Discussions) and do business together.

We support our supplier members’ learning and growth by linking them to practical and useful knowledge and skills to accelerate learning and growth at both owner- and business-levels.

Invest in Africa (IIA) is a private-sector initiative that brings together leading companies across sectors to develop local enterprise and support investment into Africa.

To simplify trade between larger companies and small businesses ("SMEs") in Africa by providing them with a platform that makes it easier to share and access procurement opportunities; business-improvement capacity building resources and procurement-related financing solutions and providers.

To create thriving African economies

To enable trade between large companies and SMEs by providing better access to markets, enhancing SME skills and improving access to finance.

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