December 07, 2017

Enabling SMEs In Kenya to Scale Up

An SME is a small or medium sized enterprise. SME’s role in Kenya’s economy cannot be overlooked at any cost at this time of our economic development. The SME sector is reportedly the largest business cluster in Kenya and has created substantial job opportunities for Kenyans.

April 27, 2017

Invest In Africa launch B2B platform to help grow SME's in Africa

Invest In Africa Kenya  has launched the African partner pool (app) platform with 6 large corporates pledging to channel their procurement needs to the over 400 Kenyan SMEs already subscribed on the platform. The app is an online cross-sector business platform that promotes Kenyan SMEs, gives them access to tenders and finance, whilst helping multinationals find quality suppliers.

September 20, 2017

Inaccurate Information lowers trust to Lenders, says banker

Equity Bank Credit Risk Manager Timothy Mwatha Tuesday urged borrowers to provide accurate information when applying for bank loans. He added that some small enterprises treat banks like ‘enemies’ in the industry hence give inaccurate information which in turn has adverse effect on their reputation and trustworthiness.

September 07, 2017

SME's Urged To Use Apps To Grow Their Businesses

Small and medium size  enterprises have been urged to  embrace technology and take advantage of  available business applications in online platforms to enhance their businesses .

Speaking in Nairobi on a business forum in Nairobi , Timothy Mwatha, Equity Bank’s Credit Risk Manager said that such move will help the SME ‘s to grow their business remarkably .

September 29, 2017

Challenges to SME growth in Kenya

Many African countries are turning to entrepreneurs to support future growth. With entrepreneurship playing a vital role in the development of a vibrant and formal small business-sized sector, there is much scope for SMEs to support African growth.